Wednesday, November 9, 2011

HuffPosters React to Bradley Burston

Bradley Burston's latest article about the darker side of progressives really touched a nerve among the HuffPosters, once it was finally published. You see, Burston correctly points out that quite a lot of people chant "Death to Israel" around the world, even in the hallowed halls of American colleges.

Now we know that the Huffington Posters have to defend their fellow anti-Zionists. But then the question becomes: How do you defend someone who chants "Death to Israel?" As it turns out, there are many ways:

1. Pretend that "Death To Israel" means something other than "Death to Israel"

2. The Deflection/Fingerpoint

3. Dismiss it as irrelevant

4. Attack the author for telling you something you don't want to hear

5. Express agreement with "Death to Israel"

Barely a one of them was willing to come right out and say "Calling for the death of anyone is wrong, including Israel," without trying to throw it back in Burston's face or minimize it. Aren't peaceful Palestinian supporters the greatest? Let me know when you find one.

1 comment:

  1. It always seems to be the same group of posters that are the worst.


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