Friday, November 11, 2011

Josh Ruebner's Propaganda

He has returned: Josh Ruebner aka the National Director for the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation aka What the Huffington Post Considers to be an Unbiased Opinion, is back with a new article almost as free of facts and heavy on partisanship as his earlier one.

It starts before the article even begins. Ruebner's title is "Combat HIV/AIDS or Protect Israel's Denial of Palestinian Rights?" Loaded questions that deny the Israeli point of view is an argument tactic as old as the Arab propaganda war, but one would expect professional propagandists like Ruebner to at least know what his article is about. If you read the rest of his piece, you won't find anything about HIV or AIDS. So why was it in the title, making it appear as if the readers must choose between the two? Was it only there to try and sucker in well meaning activists who want to end these terrible diseases? Wouldn't we all like to know.

The article itself is not all that different from his ones in the past. He begins by talking about the UNESCO stunt, and how sad it is that America followed through on its word. He quotes a couple of questionable sources like a former senator, while ignoring the political consequences if America had chosen to stay. He also is a little behind the times:
"Palestine's membership in UNESCO could trigger its membership in other specialized international agencies...[which would have negative consequences if America left them too.]"
Unfortunately the Palestinians already announced that they wouldn't be trying to join any other UN agencies. I can't blame Ruebner for that mistake though, after all it was only published five whole days before his article went to print. Who has time to fact check so quickly? 

Having exhausted the news story of the week, Ruebner is back to the drawing board with his talking points:
"To shield Israel from accountability for its myriad human rights violations against Palestinians, the United States is colluding with Israel to prolong, rather than end, its illegal 44-year military occupation..."
Uh huh. Israel is the only one violating human rights (and of course isn't defending itself), the occupation is illegal, etc etc. Nothing we haven't seen before, nor is it any less propagandizing. Ruebner then repeats his earlier claim about General Petraeus, that the General claimed Israel was endangering American troops. Unfortunately even such annoying realities as Petraeus himself setting the record straight won't deter a fellow like Ruebner.

I guess you don't get to become a Huffington Post blogger and Advocacy Director for the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation by telling the truth. What a surprise.

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