Monday, November 7, 2011

Medea Benjamin Scrambles

In what would appear to be a mirror image of her earlier article after the last flotilla, Medea Benjamin tries to make up for her organization's failure with a cacophony of lies. They weren't able to produce any martyrs for the cause this time, nor were they able to blame America for Greece's interception of the boats, so they have to try to get publicity somehow.

With that in mind, let's jump into the lies. For starters, the headline of the article says that Ms. Benjamin was "jailed" but this is never addressed in the article. Furthermore, the URL of the article indicate that the original title was something about "gaza blockade boats." Maybe she was jailed, maybe she wasn't, but it's clear that somewhere down the line someone decided to give her article a sexier and more victimizing title. Would if that were the only lie though:
"Yet naked aggression was used against them ["peace activists"] in international waters -- something that is normally considered an act of piracy."
What sort of 'naked aggression' is that? Oh wait, this is a Medea Benjamin article so she won't provide any more details, we're just supposed to accept this inflammatory statement as the truth and keep reading. Never mind that in another interview she admitted that there was no violence at any stage of the boarding. So either she was lying then or she is lying now. Pick whichever you like to believe.

She makes some laughable political points like this one:
"Palestinians in Gaza aren't allowed to vote for Israeli or American politicians. But due to political decisions taken in Israel and the United States, Palestinians in Gaza are prevented from..."
Yeah! What's up with citizens not being able to vote in elections that take place in countries that they don't live! That's not cool at all! Why can't I vote in Iran's elections? Or Russia's? It's outrageous!

After this, the lies run wild and don't stop until we reach the end. Some of Ms. Benjamin's lies and half-truths include:
1. That Israel and Israel alone is blockading Gaza.
2. That the flotidiots were motivated by freedom.
3. That Israel is abusing Palestinians for no reason at all.
4. Palestinian terrorism/incitement/genocidal desires don't exist.
5. That according to one UN report the blockade is illegal, while the Palmer Report gets ignored.
6. That the opinions of people Ms. Benjamin likes say the blockade is collective punishment, everyone else is ignored.
7. And of course, that the boats weren't carrying aid. This is more a "lie by omission" since Ms. Benjamin never said they were, but every group in the past has, and it would have been nice to see her come clean about it. Yeah right.

Finally, Ms. Benjamin attempts to speak for her organization yet again:
"But the people of Gaza can't wait for political leaders to decide it's in their interest to negotiate, so it's up to us -- as civil society -- to step up the pressure. That's what these waves of boats are doing. That's what the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is doing."
Wow, this comment is informative on so many levels.

First of all, everyone knows that the flotilla and BDS movement only ever attacks Israel. We also know that the BDS movement wants Israel destroyed, not negotiating with Hamas. So why does Ms. Benjamin pretend that her organization is directed against "political leaders" and not the Jewish state? Does she expect anyone to believe her?

Second, why is it up to foreigners and not the people of Gaza to make the changes necessary to improve their lives. Are the people of Gaza children? Or wild animals? Or developmentally delayed? Why are the people of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Syria all perfectly capable of at least attempting to change their own lives for the better despite tremendous opposition, but the people of Gaza are not? And for that matter, why would the Gazans need to pressure their leaders? Isn't "Palestine" a democracy? Can't the people simply made their voices heard either on the streets or in the ballot box?

And if Hamas won't listen to their own people, why on Earth would Ms. Benjamin think that they would listen to her? Perhaps because she knows that she won't say anything to Hamas besides "you guys are so great, keep doing what you're doing?"

Finally, the people of Gaza are the only people that matter to Ms. Benjamin and her cronies. Not the people of Israel, or Syria or Lebanon or anywhere else. That tells you everything you need to know, don't you think?

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