Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mya Guarnieri Rants About Settlements

Everyone's favorite HP blogger Mya "Sue Happy" Guarnieri has returned with extreme news about extreme visits to extreme places in the Middle East. I would perhaps think that an extreme trip to the ME would be visiting places like Saudi Arabia or Syria or Gaza. But no, it's the settlements in the West Bank.

Now, when I think extreme right-wing tour, I think of Republican congresspeople parachuting into a war zone while terrorists shoot at them and F-16s scream overhead. Or at least a lot of Mountain Dew

Our check is in the mail.

Let's see what Guarnieri has to say about it.

First she cites her source for the article (good), which is the Alternative Information Center (bad). The AIC is not a news organiation, it is an NGO dedicated to "a just peace" between Israelis and Palestinians. Take that for what its worth, especially after you read the article. Here are the facts:
"Five US Congressional Representatives recently conducted a "precedent-setting and historic visit" to Israeli West Bank settlements.... The five Republican members of Congress conducted the "in-depth tour" in cooperation with the Ariel Development Fund and the Strategic Unit of the Samarian Regional Council...During the tour the congressional representatives visited the Cross Samaria Road, the Barkan Industrial Zone, the settlement of Ariel, and participated in a formal reception in the Nablus-area settlement of Har Bracha."
Guarnieri then whines about the cruel Israelis hiring Palestinians to work on the settlements, and reminds everyone that the settlements are illegal.

So the question must be asked, what is "extreme" or "right-wing" about visiting settlements? It's not like the tour included speakers who said that all Arabs are evil (at least, according to the article Guarnieri linked to). If anyone on the tour endorsed extreme political views, I don't doubt that Guarnieri would have been happy to spell out exactly what was said. The settlers are people and there is nothing "extreme" about visiting them. Even left-wing and pro-Palestinian tour groups go and see the settlements up close and interact with the people there.

It's too bad Guarnieri stereotypes the settlers and their supporters as all extremists. Dehumanizing the enemy is something done in war, but decent people would expect Guarnieri to not do that to her fellow Israelis, Jews, and human beings.


  1. Mission Statement, contd.

    ... and if someone cuts in front of you in line, that's anti-Semitic, too!

    For the record, criticism of Israel or its policies is not anti-Semitism.

  2. so is this the author of the blog's way of saying he is in favor the the "settlements?"


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