Sunday, November 13, 2011

Narwani Spreads Organ Stealing Libel

We've got a two-for-one day on Sharmine Narwani. She posted this lovely comparison on the UNESCO cartoon thread:

First of all, the two situations are not even remotely similar. The Ha'aretz cartoon was making fun of Netanyahu in an editorial fashion, while the Swedish article was making allegations and printing them as truth. When you say something is true in a newspaper, you open yourself up to libel accusations. That is not applicable for when you editoralize.

But second, and far more contemptible, is Narwani's description of the Swedish article as "disclosing Israeli organ stealing from Palestinians." She of course did not mention that the author of the article admitted he had no evidence of the allegations made in his article and therefore the article was nothing more than baseless Palestinian propaganda. Why does the Huffington Post keep the lying, dishonest fraud named Sharmine Narwani on the payroll and give her free rein to spread her lies in its comments section?

The original link

Update: It has now been removed. How many comments by Narwani have been deleted for being against the terms of service at this point?


  1. Narwanazis husband is close personal friends with Arianna.
    In fact, he introduced her to Arianna and recommended her for the job.
    Arriana hired her, and now they are close personal friends as well.
    Of course, aside from the fact that Narwanazi is front and center in the
    agenda and political beliefs of Arriana, she has become her mouthpiece
    for hatred and anything anti-Israel or anti-Jewish.

  2. To the best of my recollection, the only action for which Israel asked was a condemnation by the Swedish government.

    This is reasonable.

  3. It;s the Sinai Bedouin who are harvesting them from Arficans and selling them to the Egyptians:

    Narwani needs to clean up her stain.


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