Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Neil vs Anav on UNESCO

As I think we may have pointed out, Anav Silverman has recently written something about how UNESCO is enabling Palestinian efforts to cover up Jewish history. If you don't remember that, I suggest you read it now because the Huffington Post has dutifully allowed the anti-Israel viewpoint to have the last word (like always). This time it comes from Neil Ford, Director of Public Information from UNESCO and brand new HuffPo blogger, who has now attempted to refute Ms. Silverman's claims about UNESCO. And how does he do it?
"UNESCO is not fueling conflict, as claimed by Anav Silverman in her emotional and poorly-researched attack...But rather than itemize the errors in Silverman's article, let me clarify how UNESCO's World Heritage Convention works and what it has done in Palestine."
Yep. That's it. That's all that Mr. Ford has. I'm not going to repeat that everything that Silverman said, but if you'd like to take a look at her article you will find that it is entirely fact based and well sourced, unlike Ford's article which contains exactly no links to back up anything that he says. Ms. Silverman has testimony from people living in the West Bank and specific examples of Palestinian misbehavior, while Mr. Ford has personal attacks and deflections. You tell me: who should we believe?

Mr. Ford then proceeds to talk about the mechanics of how a certain site gets recognized as a World Heritage Site under UNESCO, which nobody cares about, and then we have this. He said that both Israel and 'Palestine' have recommended sites under the guidelines and concludes with this:
"It should be clear, then, that UNESCO is not trying to replace Israeli heritage with Palestinian heritage. Many cultures and religions have their roots in the Middle East and it is important to protect the heritage and cultural monuments of them all. Through this work, UNESCO promotes dialogue, mutual understanding and peace -- not conflict and confrontation."
For a director of information, we expected a little bit better than that. The truth is that UNESCO swallows pretty much whatever the Palestinians give them, including the examples that Ms. Silverman outlined in her article but also that they are starting to declare Jewish sites in Israel as mosques.  Let's not forget the Triple Arch Gate at Dan either. And of course the endless Arab attempts to rewrite Jewish history in the region, which UNESCO does nothing to prevent. Why did Mr. Ford not even try to dispute the truth of any of these things?

If this is the best that UNESCO has to offer, don't expect them to get anywhere any time soon.

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  1. Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa comments on UNESCO referenced in Anav Silverman’s article are worth reading in full.



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