Friday, November 18, 2011

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Arabs Push For Strike

In a repeat of what we saw when Wikileaks released some classified documents:

Newly acquired intelligence reports indicate several Arab countries in the Middle East are lobbying the US to strike Iran this year, Israel's Channel 10 reported. 
According to the report, which is said to be making its rounds in Britain's political circles, Saudi Arabia wants the Obama administration to attack Iran's nuclear facilities before the final withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. 
US president has vowed to close the door on American military involvement in Iraq by year’s end, but Riyadh is reportedly afraid Iran will use the American exit to take over the country.
And yet I have a feeling that if we were to start bombing Iran, the Huffington Post wouldn't be filled with five thousand comments containing variations on "another war fought for the Arabs." Even if they do cover this story.

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