Monday, November 28, 2011

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Latest PalArab Poll

If there's one thing the Huffington Post doesn't want its readers to know, it's what the Palestinian people actually think. The Palestinians are much more useful to the "destroy Israel" cause when they are two dimensional victims, who exist only to be oppressed by Israel. But unfortunately for the HP, the Palestinians are real, and some people listen to what they have to say. Here's the results of a recently taken poll.
"A new poll carried out by the Palestinian Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) reveals that support for Fatah among residents of the Palestinian Authority has not been hurt by the Shalit deal , which was completed between Hamas and Israel last month.

And yet, the Hamas-led Shalit deal still receives wall to wall support – 86% of those questioned expressed their satisfaction with the results of the deal – the satisfaction rate is close to that of the Israeli satisfaction rate with the deal.
In spite of the pessimistic results, the poll revealed that when it comes to the political process, the majority of respondents (56.3%) opposed the resumption of violence against Israel, compared to 45.5% in April 2008. Furthermore, the percentage of supporters of terror operations dropped to 29.3% in this poll, compared with 49.5% in April 2008.  

The same trend was found regarding rockets fired from the Gaza Strip, where there was an increase in the percentage of respondents who found them harmful (40.8%), the JMCC poll revealed."
Good news, everyone! Only 1 in 3 Palestinians support murdering Israeli civilians! I'm sure peace is right around the corner!

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