Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sharmine Narwani Criticizes Netanyahu For Lying, Lies

Sharmine "Dignity Rockets" Narwani is back for more blogging at the Huffington Post, this time with a post mostly free of the vitriol that we usually see from her. This time she uses the recent comments made by Sarkozy and Obama about Netanyahu as her jumping off point for a full blown character attack on him. Most of the article I don't particularly care about, since it is attacks on Netanyahu and I'm not particularly inclined to defend him. But I do care about truth, and that is where Ms. Narwani and I differ. Melanie Philips can handle Ms. Narwani's attacks on Netanyahu.

(Oh, and before I forget, Narwani is going to waggle her finger at Netanyahu for "lying," but of course has nothing to say about the many lies spun by Arab and Iranian leaders. I figured that went without saying but just wanted to put it out there.)

After citing a couple of other people who also think that Netanyahu is a liar, Ms. Narwani gets up on her high horse about President Obama's comment that he has to deal with Netanyahu "every day."
"My reaction was two-fold. Firstly, why does the president of the United States have to "deal" with Netanyahu "every day?" Israel's strategic value to the United States has never been less apparent at a time when its pariah value is on the rise globally."
RAGE! I hate to rain on Ms. Narwani's parade, but according to her own link about the incident, what President Obama actually said was "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you." That takes the winds out of her sails a little bit. I don't blame her for missing it though, I mean it's only her link and it was only posted more than 24 hours before her own blog went up on the Huffington Post. 

Also her second sentence there is one of those "so obvious I don't have to back it up" statements that we see so often among Israel's detractors. I guess she didn't notice this recent report produced by the Washington Institute For Near East Policy saying quite the opposite. You can criticize the report if you like but it's a heck of a lot more reliable than anything that has come from the poison pen of "Dignity Rockets." It's becoming more and more clear that Ms. Narwani simply lives in a world of her own, in which we all happen to live. Next up, she channels Josh Ruebner:
"CENTCOM's then- commander General David Petraeus and US Vice President Joe Biden publicly suggested that the Jewish state may even be a liability in certain vital policy areas."
I don't really need to provide the link yet again do I? Now it would be one thing if one of the millions of anti-Zionists cruising around the Huffington Post refused to let this lie die its natural death, but both Narwani and Reubner are supposed to be at least a little professional. Do they really think we are all so dumb that we don't know that Petraeus clarified his remarks? Heck, even the local anti-Zionists are smarter than that, since practically all of them have dropped Petraeus as a talking point ever since then.

After this, Ms. Narwani attempts to take bashing Netanyahu up to bashing Israel and quotes Chas Freeman to try and prove Israel has no value to America. You know, the usual. The only difference is that this time she relies on someone else to make her arguments for her, before returning to Netanyahu again, makes a pot shot at "Israel's underlying myths," and finally this:
"The guy's a liar. Time to take away his platform."
Um, how exactly are you advocating we "take away his platform" and who exactly do you want to do so? I highly doubt that she is speaking to the Israeli electorate, since she once famously referred to them as "terrorists." So is she advocating another country depose Netanyahu? Or perhaps kill him? Besides, I highly doubt that Netanyahu is the first politician to be called a liar on the world stage. No matter which way you look at it, it sure sounds like a threat. Wouldn't be the first time for Narwani either.


  1. Sounding like an independent or even state institution, and established in 1985, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) is known as the think thank of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and described as a major lobbying organization. Martin Indyk, WINEP's founding director, is a former AIPAC research director. Whereas AIPAC mainly focuses on the Congress, WINEP was developed into a think tank devoted to maintaining and strengthening the US-Israel alliance through advocacy in the media and lobbying the executive branch. WINEP is funded and run by individuals that have proved themselves to be deeply committed to advancing the Israeli agenda.


    US: the pro-Sharon thinktank
    The Washington Institute for Near East Policy influences the thinking of the United States government and has a near monopoly on the supply of ’expert’ witnesses to the media. After almost two decades of relative moderation, the institute is now drifting towards the Israeli right."

  2. Narwani, should take a course in journalism. But ethics, being accurate and responsible for what one say's would be a deterrent for her unless it's an op-ed.

    Notice how every time she refers to Israel's military strength as a Nation or the IDF she has a proclivity to use EMASCULATING references. Reminds me of a person suffering with a inferiority complex and projection.


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