Wednesday, November 30, 2011

UN Condemns Syria, HuffPosters Condemn Israel

As usual, there is only one state in the Middle East worth talking about on the Huffington Post, no matter what the article. This time, it's the UN releasing a report stating the Syrian government has committed "crimes against humanity." But hey, why talk about Syria "shooting indiscriminately at unarmed protesters" or "sexually abusing" prisoners when you could change the subject to Israel?

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  1. Anti Israel marketeers just can't stop themselves even when they are on articles that has nothing to do w/Israel. Doesn't HP tos state comments need to be related to the articles at hand?

    Correct me, if I am wrong, but i believe there were no bombs used in cast lead. I asked one HP'er about seeing a link mentioning these 500lb bombs and i never received a response with a link. I know light weight mobile missiles in retaliation to Hamas rockets were used. And of course children were not targeted, the UN report regarding collective punishment was later dismissed as wrong according to Goldstone himself, and Israel didn't enter Gaza because of an election they didn't like dah.



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