Friday, December 2, 2011

Anti-Zionist Hypocrisy: Democracy Edition

Abraham Foxman joined the catfight of Israeli democracy vs new proposed legislation with a new article. This sparked a moderator-absent hatefest against the Jewish state unlike any we have seen about any other country on the Huffington Post or elsewhere. Mostly of the "Israel is not a democracy" kind leading up to the "Israel should not exist" sort. There were some informative posts like this one, in which the user didn't see anything anti-Semitic about singling about the Jews to be denied their national rights. But what I really wanted to call your attention to was this hypocrisy.

So first we have people moaning that Israel is not and cannot be a democracy because it is a Jewish state, a common claim that has been debunked many times but they still cling to it like a drowning man:

That being said, attacking Israel for being a undemocratic "Jewish state," though ultimately wrong, is not hypocritical. But when we get comments like this:

Nobody bats an eye or says a single word questioning if a Palestinian/Islamic state should exist. How do they expect us to believe that their criticism of Israel isn't rooted in anti-Semitism or anti-Jewish prejudice when their hypocrisy is right there on the Internet for everybody to see? Maybe someone can explain it to me because I really would like to know.


  1. When people argue that the idea of a Jewish State is racist, they're usually also people who accuse Israel of disregarding INTERNATIONAL LAW. In such a case I tell them they are in violation of international law as UNGAR 181 specifies there shall be a Jewish State.

    (One smarty responded that UNGARs aren't binding but I had planned for that and told him that his insistence on Israel obeying (his one-sided interpretation of) UNGAR 194 was thus a bit odd.)

  2. Once we are shut of them, who cares how the Arabs live? Or die, for that matter. If they want to pretend that they live in 7th century Arabia, let them. Just take the weapons out of their hands, save for those from that time period.

  3. Thermblog:
    UNSC Chapter 6 resolutions aren’t binding either and Israel has never been subject to a Chapter 7 UNSC resolution.

    “Palestinian right to exist as an Islamic state”
    Nice to see they’re not even pretending Christians or Muslim minorities will be welcome anymore.

  4. "Nobody bats an eye or says a single word questioning if a Palestinian/Islamic state should exist."

    I have never heard anyone in the western media proclaim support for Palestine being an officially muslim state. And certainly no one has EVER proposed that the US spend money to make that happen.

    Very much unlike your discriminitory position regarding Israel.


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