Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Comments of the Day

I saw something very interesting recently. Huffington Post UK had a story about a British lawmaker getting into trouble for hosting a Nazi-themed costume party. Most of the responses were cracks about conservatives, but I did think these were interesting (especially coming from a known anti-Zionist):

Hm. Demanding that Jews "get over" the Holocaust, demanding Britain "get over" a war in which five hundred thousand of their citizens died. Maybe it's not that these Huffington Post don't like Jews, maybe it's that they don't like seeing the Nazis getting criticized. That would explain a lot.

And of course we had "MarcEdward" there pushing his agenda:


  1. In the United States many of our political figures dress up in confederate attire. which is really the exact same thing

  2. LOL history fail
    Occupation of the Channel Islands



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