Sunday, December 11, 2011

Double Bias Day on the HuffPo

Look carefully and see if you can find both examples of bias in this recent article on the Huffington Post:

The first of course is obvious. When Palestinians are getting hit from the air, we get a picture of the damage. When Israel is getting hit, even when there are no casualties, we get a group of people standing around and talking. Still, at least they had faces this time.

The second one you might think is that "Palestinian militants" fired the rockets, as opposed to "Palestinian terrorists." But no, that's not it. We're used to that. The bias there is that the Israeli airstrike "killed a Palestinian civilian and his son."

Yes, that's right. He was a civilian. Even after the Palestinians themselves identified the son as a member of the Al Quds Brigade (start 'em young I guess) and even after we got a picture of them draped in the flags of terrorist organizations (from Elder of Ziyon):

But I'm sure he was standing around minding his own business when big bad Israel just decided to kill him. That's how these things work right?

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