Monday, December 12, 2011

Engineered Hate: Border Fence

The Huffington Post had to dig deep over the weekend to find their "die Israel die" article, but they eventually found one. We'll start with some headline bias:

Notice how different this outside headline is with the one inside:

But when you get down to it, it's all the same thing. If you read the beginning of the article, the funds are going to a border fence with Egypt to cut down on illegal immigration. If this sounds familiar, it might be because America is doing the exact same thing on our southern border with Mexico. In fact by 2009 there was almost 600 miles of fence finished,with more on the way.

But how many of these Huffington Posters knew that or cared before they vomited their hate up onto the screen? I'm guessing very few, because what we saw on the thread was a classic Huffington Post viewpoint: When Jews do it, it's wrong.

There were also those who took the opportunity to engage in some obvious Jew-baiting, which in some ways is even worse:

By now I'm sure there are more, if you'd like to sort through them yourself. In any case, it's a very informative way in which the Huffington Post works.

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  1. Double standards:
    Obama deportations raise immigration policy questions
    “he has sent home over 1 million illegal immigrants in 2-1/2 years -- on pace to deport more in one term than George W. Bush did in two.”



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