Monday, December 5, 2011

Example of a Post: Gaza vs. Sderot

I was reading a conversation on the Huffington Post recently that I thought the readers might be interested in. This conversation shows the double standards common among anti-Zionists, in this case specifically the schizophrenic poster "MarcEdward". The context is one HPer posted about Gazans living under the threat of drone strikes from Israel, and another responding about the rockets from Gaza landing in south Israel.

Here's the story the first HPer linked to if you'd like to read it. Let's see how "MarcEdward" responded to each one. First the response to the Gaza story:

And the response to the rockets point:

You can see here the double standard at the heart of the anti-Zionist perspective. When Gazan terrorists are hit by Israeli drones, it's "disgusting" and "something nobody should endure." When Israeli civilians are terrorized by rocket attacks, it's not only the Israeli civilians' fault, but not nearly as bad as the Gazans.

Anti-Zionists often accuse Zionists of failing to "empathize" with the Palestinians, but comments like these indicate there's not much empathy on the anti-Zionist side either.


  1. Marc Edwards appears to be correct

    The two parties' violent actions are not interchangeable. You wouldn't say that the race riots of america were just as bad as the discrimination that inspired it.

    And of course besides that there is the sheer volume of israel attacks to contend with. I believe the statistic I saw was that in the las 30 years a total of 1500 israelis have been killed by Palestinians. In contrast there were about that many Palestinians killed during the three week gaza invasion only a couple years ago. 3 weeks vs. 30 years

  2. Agreed, the two parties' violent actions are not interchangeable. The aggressors are the Arabs who attack innocent civilians, purposely targeting schoolchildren by shooting more rockets while children are going to school, or coming home.

    The Israelis do not, have not, and will not target civilians. They cannot be blamed, morally, ethically, or legally, for collateral damage because the Arabs are using civilians as human shields. They do their best not to hurt civilians, but as they defend themselves from Arab violence sometimes it cannot be helped.

    As for the imbalance of deaths, the Israelis take steps to protect their families, unlike the Arabs who use their kids as cannon fodder; after all, they always get payments from other Arabs for their dead kids, so everyone wins, except the sacrificed children.

  3. 30 years vs 3 weeks
    You seem to an extremely bad shot if you weren't trying to kill all those civilians


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