Friday, December 2, 2011

Example of a Post: Israel's Existence "A Nightmare"

Two part example of a post for you today, as you can see what mindless obsessive hatred of Israel can do to a person:

It's not Israel's policies this user opposes, it's Israel's existence. And it's not mere "opposition," either, this person considers Israel's existence to be a "nightmare". This kind of hatred cannot be debated, or bargained with, or compromised with, or appeased. It can only be fought. 


  1. "It can only be fought."

    Amen, my brother.

  2. Hello, Im Wisdo, an old guy with a lot of history tied up with Israel, Egypt and Lebanon. I was active in the seventies. Its gotten worse since then sadly. There is a lot of antisemitism tied up in this struggle for justice in the middle east. All racism is abhorrent, ugly and stupid. Racism against Jews in particular as it has resulted in the controlled mechanised, organised murder of most of these people. Those who remain are all victims in one way or another.

    I could go one but I assume my implacable opposition to the assumed rights of the Israeli government in spirit, writing and deed make me a terrorist to some and worse (to me) a racist. An Anti-semite, that type of hater who specialises in the prolifically profound and scientifically obtuse. Alas I am at a loss. Should I lodge a complaint, remain silent, or challenge - in public and for the record?

  3. Certainly an anti-Semite, a racist, and a bigot. Are you a terrorist? Probably not in action, but certainly in support. An ugliness of the soul is evident in your post.

    I have yet to find a person who claims to be an "Anti-Zionist," who is not also a rank anti-Semite. Theoretically the two might not always be found together, just as theoretically it is possible to be an active pedophile who does not interfere with children, but it is rare to find these things in one person.

  4. Wisdo. Indeed, a bigot, anti-semite and racist. No doubt.
    Not based on this one comment alone, but rather on a long line of comments based in hatred as well as bigotry, anti-semitism and racism.

    Wisdo, who in a recent post on HP regarding sanctions expected against Syria says " "lets not worry about fantasis and concentrate on concrete problems like Israels military occupation of Palestine…."
    even as Syria slaughters their own by the thousands in front of the world
    to see, to Wisdo, that is not a "concrete problem", but Jews defending themselves against the barbarism of the Palestinians is.

    Wisdo, if those who you cherish and cheer, would simply stop trying to kill Israelis for the sake of being Jews, if they would concentrate on themselves instead of concentrating on the annihilation of Israel and Jews in the Middle East, than all would be better off.

    Until then, no matter how many anti-semites or racists, or terrorist cheerleaders like yourself post here, or on Huffington Post, the fact remains that Israel is going nowhere, and will always defend herself and her people against terrorism, and the likes of you.

  5. "my implacable opposition to the assumed rights of the Israeli government in spirit, writing and deed make me a terrorist to some and worse (to me) a racist"

    I say this to everyone who makes this argument. Criticizing the actions of the Israeli government (the REAL actions, not the lies the Palestinians make up about the Israeli gov't) is not anti-Semitic. Attacking Israel's existence, leveling double standards against Israel, or implying Jews or Zionists control the US gov't is anti-Semitic.

    If you really want to know the difference, I invite you to read the following post on the subject:

  6. I'm failing to see the scandal

    Israel is a state founded on ethnic discrimination and european colonization. A disgraceful position to have in the 20th century

    Opposing such a state is opposing racism

  7. Anonymous, Israel does not ethnically discriminate and the majority of people in Israel are not European. On the other hand, the Palestinian national movement DOES ethnically discriminate against non-Arabs and is a byproduct of Arab colonization. A true anti-racist would support Israel and oppose Palestine.

  8. Matt, I believe you have misunderstood Anonymous.

    What he means is that for JEWS to have a state where they don't have to be subject to the murderous intentions of the majority is just wrong. The fact that everyone in Israel is free is bad because Jews are supposed to be the guy you can kick if you have a bad day, and those Jews insist on defending themselves! What next? An African-American becoming president of the US?

    We know this is what he means because he has said nothing about the Arab states who have Islam as their "constitution" and who have Sharia as the basis of their "laws." This is compared to Israel, of course, which is secular, and in which all people and all religions are equal.

  9. Well said, Irit. Israel is constantly the target of double standards on the HP and elsewhere, because only for Israel is it a bad thing to have a state for one particular kind of culture. Some might call that anti-Semitism, but at a minimum it is a double standard.

  10. What double standard?

    I am not aware of any other country that we support as a religious entity. I'm not even sure our leaders would publically support the Vatican. And there certainly are no muslim countries that we support being islamic states

    The double standard would appear to be on your end.

  11. You know, I've really missed having Quentin Baggg on this board! It's more fun to have anti-HPM posters who are as plumb imbecilic as he is. Oh well, his successful string of never posting anything factual over a long period of time will stand in the Archives forever. Bless your heart, QB!


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