Sunday, December 18, 2011

France Vs. Turkey? Blame Israel

The Huffington Post for some reason decided to cover a story about France making it a crime to deny the Armenian Genocide, thus prompting Erdogan to yell at them (again) for criticizing him when they have done worse things in their history. This is known as the "playground" style of debate. Anyway the Huffington Post anti-Israel brigade came charging in, since Turkey has now become one of their "protected" states, and proved that they can in fact blame Israel for just about anything. Here are some examples, all happily cleared by Huffington Post moderators:

There was also this comment which is a little more open to interpretation but still sounds like it is coming from a student of Finkelstein:

The rest of the thread is the usual: Most people agreeing that France's hands aren't clean and other anti-Western rhetoric, a minority talking about France's free speech law, the rest doing the usual "We can't criticize Turkey because X killed Y numbers of Z." All in all, a pretty standard Huffington Post thread.

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