Friday, December 23, 2011

Further Biased Moderation

Remember Richard Burden's article I wrote about an hour or so ago? Well, if you'd like to check it out now, the moderators have come down with a crushing hammer to remove all dissent from the talkback thread, while leaving the anti-Zionists free to comment as they like. Think I am exaggerating? Take a look:

And on another thread:

Finally just to confirm that they are in fact censoring by opinion and not be the aggressiveness of the comment:

And of course, feel free to go to the thread itself and look for yourself.


  1. I am assuming your comments were off topic and or racist

    What would you have liked to have said in that thread that they won't allow you to?

    I assume you were going to defend the imprisonment of children somehow

    I can tell from the responses to the deleted comments that you posted that your suporters were wildly off topic and probably posted stuff not having to do with Israel or these imprisoned children at all
    The ocomments you posted supposedly proving bias are pretty silly as well. Since when was it wrong to call the widespread imrisoment of children with no access to any kind of civilian court system disgusting?

  2. Dear itinerant visitor:
    There was another post that examined the initial article from MP Burden and pointed out a lot of things wrong about it. I have to assume you didn't really read either the HP original or the response, lest your lame "defense of child imprisonment" comment flop weakly as your central thesis. It seems likely that the deleted posts fit into the kind of pro-Israel comments that get deleted (critical, mostly on-topic and factual, sometimes emotional), which are different from the anti-Israel comments that get deleted (non-factual, overwhelmingly off-topic, insulting, often bigoted), not that you or anyone else can divine this when they've been banished without a trace. There is a long record of the kind of garbage that even the HP can't stand, because the original comments have been posted and anlyzed here, pre-deserved deletion.
    If you're going to be a palsabra activist, you need to either become intelligent or have someone else ghost-write your material, because your arguments are incredibly easy to debunk, and you're not doing your side any favors.
    On the other're doing a great job! Keep it up! :-)

  3. so what exactly did you want to say that you couldn't?

    My guess was that it ws a simple misdirection tactic

    Look at all the prisoners_____has.


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