Monday, December 19, 2011

HP Bias in Pictures Part 9: Gaza vs. WB

The Huffington Post published today the exciting news of the UK pledging to build 12 new terrorist shelters I mean schools in Gaza today. What's the picture that the HP picked to accompany this story:

Look at those poor children just sitting around with nothing to do. How sad.

But wait, what's the rollover text for the picture? It says: "Palestinian children play in the West Bank refugee camp of Balata, near Nablus."

Why is the Huffington Post using a picture of Palestinian children in the West Bank to accompany a story about Gaza? Is it because the editors don't know the difference? Or is it perhaps because they couldn't find a picture of Gazan children looking forlorn enough? The most recent pictures to come out of Gaza look more like these:

And those couldn't possibly be used because they violate the narrative.


  1. you seem to be upset that that palestinian child as being given food.

    That's pretty sickening

  2. No idea how you got that impression from this blog post, troll. I want the photo of this Palestinian child surrounded by food to be spread around more, to combat the myth of the starving Gazans.

    You are the one who seems to be upset that the child is being given food. Sad that the Palestinian narrative is being disrupted?

  3. The average life-span in Gaza is a year longer than in Scotland. And population density in London is higher than in Gaza.

    Enough said.

  4. Like I said...You guys seem to be awfully upset that a person in gaza dares to live as long as one in Scotland



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