Friday, December 9, 2011

HPW User Profile: Ytrymyluck

Here's a guy that can only be here on the Huffington Post. He spams the phrase "Thank God for Hitler" over and over again in a fully moderated thread, and not only are the comments still remaining five hours later but his profile is intact. For now of course:

Here are a couple original links. Let's see how long they remain intact.


  1. Just when you think that Huffington Post can't stoop any lower.

    Also worth a mention is an indirect reply that one of those comments got, from none other than the bigot "martin2"

    doonooch replied what a hateful statement "ytrymyluck" had made, to which "martin2" replied:

    "Well said G_d gets the blame for a lot bad things Hitler should not be one of them"

  2. He should be banned.

    [Bad joke follows]
    A friend of mine asked me the other day what Hitler and Netanyahu had in common. I did not know, but, apparently, long ago, voices were heard that said "Mrs. Hitler/Netanyahu, you have a beautiful baby."


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