Wednesday, December 14, 2011

HuffPo Continues to Stir the Pot

Acts of vandalism and destruction by Israeli extremists has continued so of course the Huffington Post couldn't wait to get in on a piece of that action. Their second article is about an unused mosque being torched by "unknown assailants" but that didn't stop the editors from finding a nice biased picture for their outside headline:

Gee, it's almost like you'd think the IDF soldiers or Israeli government were responsible for the arson! Naturally this set off yet another hatefest, despite the fully moderated nature of the thread, capped off by this gem:

Try going to a Syrian thread and "saying proud Arab moment?" or "proud Muslim moment?" and see if your comment clears moderation. Still, it's always interesting to see that for some posters at least, it really is all about the Jews.


  1. So you support the arsonist settlers then?

    Or do you just believe that the media should not report these types of stories in America?

    As far as your claims of a double standard, yes there clearly is one, as these people were not referred to as terrorists by huffingtonpost, whereas if they had been of Palestinian ethnicity, they would have been

  2. Anonymous 1:48

    Arson is not terrorism. E.g. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for sabotage, not terrorism. The distinctions are important.

    Your assertion that Huffpo would have reported these people as "terrorists" had they been of Palestinian ethnicity is also false. I'd be very surprised if you could point to any examples of this in any western news service.

  3. Has there been a conviction in court in this case which has not been reported yet? If not, how do you know who did anything? Or don't you believe in the rule of law?

    Or is it that you just don't believe that Jews are entitled to legal and human rights, and should be lynched just because some sicko racist (you) thinks they should be lynched?


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