Thursday, December 22, 2011

HuffPo Digs Deep Again

In a story that's hard to find even on Ha'aretz, the Huffington Post politicized its "culture" section with a story about a possible bill that might if past could give money to build museums in settlements. Naturally, they gave the story the most confrontational picture possible as well as a biased headline:

Glad to see that the proud Huffington Post tradition of jumping down Israel's throat before they even do something unpopular continues to this day.


  1. "COULD" - it's in the headline, and seems justified by:

    "Far-right MK Uri Ariel, who authored the bill, has been explicit that his legislation would represent a step toward the annexation of these areas, commenting that the bill would "strengthen settlement and Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria," and adding, ''There are other laws that apply in Judea and Samaria, but this one is outstanding in the sense that it is right there in the name. This is a bit of an innovation."

  2. An excellent idea, both the museums and the annexation.


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