Thursday, December 1, 2011

HuffPost Obsession: Taxes Edition

As we know, the Huffington Post claims to filter the news that it receives so that only the most important stories actually make it. In that case, a story about an Israeli/Palestinian spat over taxes must be one of the most crucial events in the past few days, because the Huffington Post has committed not one but three articles to it:

I especially like that middle one: What could be a less helpful news article than one that says "X might do Y?" And notice further how they are all pictures of Bibi looking scary and/or smug. And before you tell me that doesn't matter, the anti-Zionists picked up on it:

Thank you so much, Huffington Post editors, for engineering more hate.

1 comment:

  1. Doug's-a-Bag. *sigh*

    The newest in a long line of those devoted to bashing Israel and Jews.
    ooops! I meant Israel and "Zionists".


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