Monday, December 12, 2011

HuffPosters March to Defend Palestinians

I'm sure by now you've probably heard about the Newt Gingrich controversy, i.e. the comments that he made about the Palestinians being an "invented" people. This was then exacerbated when it was brought up again at the Republican candidates debate over the weekend. The Huffington Post milked it for all they could with not one but two articles about it. But what I'm most interested in is how the Huffington Posters reacted to the story. Not surprisingly, they all took sides against Newt, which is not surprising considering he is a Republican and not Ron Paul. However, I found their arguments very very informative:

Yeah! There's nothing wrong with the fact that Palestinians are an invented people! Americans are too! (Notice also how these same people never seem to come out of the woodwork when Israel haters are claiming that Jews are an "invented people.") Oh wait...

New talking point! Newt just doesn't know his history, Palestinians aren't an invented people. End of discussion! Oh wait...

There we go! Palestinians aren't an invented people, but if they are it's acceptable because Americans are as well! Israelis are an invented people too, but that's not acceptable because...well I'm not sure why but it isn't! And it can't be because they are Jews no sir. That's about what we expect from the Huffington Post.

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    Send the Arabs back to the 634AD borders



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