Tuesday, December 13, 2011

James Zogby Vs. The Republicans

James Zogby, as you might expected, is very much pro-Arab and, unfortunately, anti-Israel. I say unfortunately because being pro-Arab should not have to mean anti-Israel but in this world of ours it has come to mean one and the same thing. Now Dr. Zogby's latest article is about the Republican candidates for President speaking in front of the Republican Jewish Committee a full week after it had already taken place and a day after the same candidates had discussed Israel in Iowa. So he's a little behind the times.

There is very little to the article it says. After labeling some of the Republican candidates' comments as "hysterical," Dr. Zogby spends the bulk of his article quoting selections from their speeches to "demonstrate how out of touch" they are. In other words, he's holding up a sign with their statements and expect us to react with shock and horror about how foolish and wrong they are. As opposed to proving them wrong of course. You can check out what the Republicans had to say but I don't see much of a reason to reproduce them all here. He then concludes with this:
"All of this goes beyond the normal platitudes offered up in an election year. It was dangerous, shameful, and crass pandering, making it clear how far today's GOP has moved from the reality-based foreign policy of the Bush-Baker era. And while it's hard to imagine the alternate universe inhabited by these candidates for president, it's frightening to think of where they will take U.S.-Middle East policy should any of them be elected."
A very lazy counterpoint. What makes them "dangerous and shameful?" What makes them far from "reality?" What makes them wrong? Why doesn't Dr. Zogby want to debate these candidates on the issues? He could be afraid that they are right, he might not want to bother. But either way it's a pretty weak article, as he doesn't even try to defend his own point of view or even attack his opponents with anything other than ad hominems. Who is living in "the alternate universe now?"

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