Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jews Are Nazis on the Huffington Post

As Matt mentioned yesterday, the Huffington Post couldn't wait to cover a story about an ad campaign to bring Israeli expatriates back to Israel, even after the campaign had already been pulled. In some of the most favorited comments we found posts like this:

And this:

Now of course this kind of visceral reaction to the very idea of one of the most ancient peoples on Earth wanting to continue existing as a people might come off as anti-Semitic. After all, no one seems to care that Japan doesn't encourage non-Japanese immigration, among other examples. So though it may be tempting to label these guys and the 10+ others that favorited their comment as Jew haters, I don't think that's the case. What's more likely is this is how they deal with their Holocaust guilt so prevalent in Europe. Jews were killed by Nazis, and then they turned around and became Nazis! Nice and neat little dichotomy, all it needs is a bow on top and it's ready for packaging. The fact that it isn't true never factors into the discussion, and never will.

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