Friday, December 9, 2011

The Latest, Greatest HuffPo Bias

Check out yesterday's major headline, one of the top billed stories on the Huffington Post's "World" section:

Once again, we get a picture of the people looking sad and the damage caused by the fighting. As opposed to a picture of a plane or faceless soldiers. This pattern that by now has been well established as one of the clearest examples of Huffington Post bias.

Let's not ignore the headline either. Have you noticed that Israel is only ever the one that kills "suspected" terrorists? NATO doesn't:

Not even on the left-wing anti-war Huffington Post are recipients of American bullets and missiles "suspected" insurgents or terrorists or Taliban. No sirree.

And in case you didn't think the headline made a difference, the usual doubting Thomas' seized upon the "suspected" label to declare them innocent. Why you ask? Because Israel defending itself doesn't fit the narrative, while Israel randomly bombing two totally innocent Palestinians for absolutely no reason makes perfect sense. Click to zoom in:

I'm sure by now the article has five hundred comments exactly like these. It's how things work on the Huffington Post.

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  1. there is a clear bias, but its the reverse of what you are talking about it

    The clearest indication is the use of the deragotory word "militants" for only one side of the conflict. I urge you to go through every single huffpost article ever written and find a single instance where an israeli fighter was referred to as a militant


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