Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More HuffPo Headline/Photo Bias

Yesterday a very serious incident occurred between Israeli settlers and the IDF, when Israeli settlers attacked a military base and caused a lot of damage as well as injuries. Naturally the Huffington Post couldn't wait to cover it but the way that they did was very informative indeed. Here is the inside headline:

Possibly the most generic headline and photo one could possibly ask for. The outside headline is a closer to the truth:

But the ridiculous picture remains ridiculous. Let's contrast that with other ways the Huffington Post has covered settler violence toward another group:

So why is it that when settlers damage Palestinian property we get the propaganda picture, but when they damage Israeli property we get a picture from more than a year ago? I guess the Huffington Post can't ever portray Israelis as victims, even when they are victims of other Israelis.

Then again here are some other photos and headlines from yesterday:

So maybe it's just the only people that the Huffington Post tries to mine sympathy towards are Palestinians or other Arabs that fight Israel.

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