Friday, December 16, 2011

Nazi Hunters: The Hate Comes Out In All Forms

According to the Huffington Post, the Simon Wiesenthal Center is launching an 11th hour push to try to find the remaining Nazis that are still alive. A new legal precedent in Germany is allowing more suspects to be prosecuted that otherwise would remain free.

Whenever the Holocaust comes up, if the thread remains lightly moderated, vile hatred comes out in many different varieties. Don't believe me? Let's take a look at what I grabbed from just 5 pages of the 39.

First we've got some Holocaust denial:

The Leuchter Report, for those of you who have the fortune of not knowing, is a "report" written by the Holocaust denier Fred Leuchter.

Then we have the demands for Jews to just "get over it" and trying to change the subject onto Israel (even though I'm always told Israel and Jews are totally separate).

 And then lastly we have Finkelstein brand accusations of Jews oops I mean Zionists exploiting the Holocaust for their own nefarious purposes.

But remember, there is no anti-Semitism on the Huffington Post. Just legitimate criticism of Israel's policies.


  1. I’m not surprised the mental pigmies at huffpo believe a conman bigot like Leuchter.


  2. I think I found the holy grail of bias on HP
    If you go to the Israel page, at the top of the T is the story "Disputed Ramp In Jerusalem Ordered Closed" dated 12/12.
    4 stories down the T is "Israel Reopens Contested Ramp" dated 12/14!
    They know how to gin up outrage and they don't care if they have to push a issue that has already been resolved in order to do it.

  3. Perhaps they just actually disagree?

    Americans are well aware of the fact that the African American who easily went through periods as bad or worse than the holocaust did not seek mass violent retribution for the crimes against them. We didn't hang all the southern plantation owners after the civil war and it in fact turned out better that way.

    And as many have pointed out, typically the same type of people who are in favor of hunting down people from past wars are quite guilty of war crimes themselves

  4. I generally respond to the article and analysis listing for an HPM post itself--if I wanted to post snide rejoinders after the masthead, I would have become an HP participant a long time ago--but the previous comment is so stupid it demands a response. So here goes:
    It is always interesting to hear from an individual who thinks the noble tack regarding actual war crimes (you know, the ones perpetrated by the Nazis and slave owners that you unaccountably seem to have some kind of sympathy for, rather than the fictional ones that generate huge volumes of responses from HP regulars who are, believe it or not, produce even more intellectually bankrupt comments) is NOT to, just as a thrill, ARREST FACTUALLY DOCUMENTED MASS MURDERERS. The word "prosecuted" should have been a red glag here, since it's not a synonym with "mass violent retribution" or "hunting down people from past wars", at least if you have a dictionary on hand.
    IN addition, my historical understanding is that the reason slave owners (I'm assuming that's what the plantation owners reference is shorthand for) not only weren't killed en masse--similar to how slaves weren't killed en masse in America, a precedent the Nazis elected to ignore in Europe--but were barely punished was due to a combination of still-entrenched racism and the need for the Southern states to have established families free to help rebuild post-Civil War. The moral superiority that is ascribed to this situation earlier was a non-existent thing, similar to the validity of the analogy used here on the whole.
    When the Hard Left takes real war crimes seriously and doesn't take their cue on those issues from the worst violators of life on the planet, they can be taken seriously themselves. Until then, they'll have to be content with knowing they only care about human rights insofar as they advance a selfish, narrow, revisionist agenda. I hope you're OK with being that kind of human being.

  5. what an odd comment from Ben
    Apparently in this person's mind the incredibly widespread system of slavery is not conisdered a "real" war crime.

    A guess only certain groups can have war crimes committed against them

    As for your statements about arrests and trials...yeah you obviously could have arrested and tried the slave owners as well. We didn't, and it turned out much better that way

  6. Just to wrap things up here: as the previous post CLEARLY stated, both the Nazis and slave owners committed war crimes; the latter group simply didn't butcher its victims in the millions on American soil, while the former had no qualms at doing just that in Europe/Russia. Regarding the very HP view that using legal means to respond to crimes against humanity is either cruelty or a way of expiating criminal guilt, we'll just have to agree to disagree. I'm fine with that, and consider this subject well-addressed. Happy Hanukkah everyone!

  7. I believe that returning out should be a individual choice that each individual needs to create depending on his/her own scenario, and I don't think that selecting not to come out is a disaster on the aspect of that individual.

    Report forms

  8. Re: Ben

    No the slave traders quite clearly went outside of Americas borders. Where do you think the slaves came from?

    Honestly the cognitive dissidence on this website is staggering

  9. Sweetheart, we already got the point that you love and respect Nazis, and apparently slave owners as well. That pretty well sums up what you're all about. Oh, and that your arguments are not intelligently written, nor the rebuttals. That too.

  10. Just wanted to let Quentin Baggg know that we all eagerly await his views on DJANGO UNCHAINED, because the perspective of someone who's made it clear he loves slave owners (as well as Nazis) and loathes slaves who stand up for themselves (as well as Jews) is always worth a look.


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