Monday, December 12, 2011

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Gaza Stadium Fund

For today's news the HP doesn't cover, we have yet another blow to the myth of the poor starving Gazans, this time from the Palestinians themselves. A Palestinian NGO is requesting money (no surprise there) for sports stadiums in Gaza (warning, propaganda ahead):
"It is five years since the imposition of the siege on 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza and nearly three years since Israel's Operation Cast Lead, which killed 1,417 and destroyed tens of thousands of homes. The UN reports that conditions within Gaza remain appalling. And now a decision by the UN's cultural and sporting organisation to admit Palestine has been greeted with the immediate suspension of £60 million contributions to the body by the US and the decision by Israel to accelerate illegal settlement building in occupied East Jerusalem.

Yet in the face of all that, the Palestinian people are determined to rebuild. Pressure to finally end the siege is increasing and they are looking to the future of Gaza, which has a large youth population.

That's why local authorities and civil society organisations across the Strip have asked Viva Palestina to sponsor the building of five sporting facilities at different locations in Gaza. Viva Palestina has always been guided by the principle that it is the Palestinian people themselves who are best placed to identify their own needs. And they are urgently appealing for funds to get these projects built next spring.

We want to fund the construction of four playing fields, with irrigated grass pitches, surrounding running tracks and associated facilities. The fifth project is the roofing and completion of a gymnasium/sports hall - it will be only the second such venue in Gaza. The target for our appeal is £350,000 to complete all these projects."
 You would think Gaza would need those thousands of pounds for things like food and clothes, but apparently not.

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