Wednesday, December 7, 2011

News the HP Doesn't Cover: No Demographic Threat

One of the less used talking points possessed by anti-Zionists is the so called "demographic threat," which as we all know is the belief that Arab children will eventually cause Israel to no longer be a Jewish state, and all the Palestinians and their allies have to do is wait for this to happen. Facts, however, have an issue with that:

The common perception that in a few years there will be more non-Jewish Israeli newborns than Jewish ones appears to be detached from reality.

According to Immigration Authority data published by the Yedioth Ahronoth daily on Wednesday, the number of Jewish newborns in Israel has increased by nearly 20% since 2001, while during this time the number of Muslim and Christian newborns has dropped by five and 10%, respectively.
Statistics show that over the past decade a total of 1,568, 938 people were born in Israel, including 1,157,517 Jews, 387,308 Muslims and only 24,113 Christians.

Since the beginning of 2011, 107,207 Jewish babies were born, a significantly higher number than the 30,341 Muslims and 1,864 Christians who were born this year.
According to statistics, in 2001 69% of all newborns in Israel were Jewish, while 28% were Muslim and 1.9% Christian. However, in 2010, 76% of all the babies born in Israel were Jewish, while only 22% were Muslim and 1.3% Christian."
So much for the demographic threat. 


  1. HMMM, specious, like entering into an agreement to give back land with a entity whose right to exist is not confirmed. Does this accounting just measure babies born in Israel or does it include gaza et al?

  2. the author seems to have left out the palestianian dispora, who hopefully will be allowed their right of return in the future, from his numbers.

    Not exactly sure why its so important to him to have a jewish majority population though. Sounds pretty racist to me.

  3. The term "demographic threat" has been used, and mis-used, by both sides of the I/P dispute. Because I agree with the post's basic point about this threat not being all that real-world, the abuse of its specter by the religious Right (who want to use it to enact violent, illegal actions against their enemies) bothers me just as much as that of the anti-Israel Left (who want to use it to force Israel to somehow capitulate to the one-state solution); the latter group is just more hypocritical and uglier on all other issues than the former.
    Also, none of the Palestinians who left Israel at any point since the 1948 war (that they triggered and joined in before getting their asses kicked), or their descendants, are actually eligible to EVER return to Israel as citizens. Who says so? Well, international law that hasn't been violated to placate the Palestinians/Arabs/International Left. I am sure folks on the pro-P side don't want to deal with that. Too bad.


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