Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sharmine Narwani Rediscovers Skepticism

In her latest article, Sharmine "Dignity Rockets" Narwani solidifies her credentials as firmly in the anti-Western, pro-Islamist camp. How does she do that you ask? By writing an article firmly in defense of the Assad regime in Syria and demanding to know why everyone isn't criticizing the opposition! Naturally she calls the nature of the uprisings in the streets of Syria to be a "narrative" (her favorite word) that has been challenged by a new NGO report. And what about the poor pro-Assad civilians?
"Nor do you hear about the numbers of pro-regime civilians killed by the armed opposition - some of them allegedly while "demonstrating" in support of the Syrian regime."
Could her agenda be any clearer? But that's not really what we care about. No, what we care about is that Ms. Narwani, who is ready to believe just about anything an Islamist terrorist tells her, suddenly becomes skeptical when faced with the ugly truth about her buddy Assad. The kicker is this paragraph here:
"How unstable is Syria, really? How widespread is opposition to the regime of Bashar al-Assad? The death-toll that has us riveted with disgust - today, the highest daily death rate yet - how accurate are those numbers? Who do they include and are they verifiable? Are local activists even capable of distinguishing between a dead pro-regime civilian and a dead anti-regime civilian - especially now that both sides are armed and firing?...I cannot begin to dispute those numbers and details, so I will not try. But I will ask the question: where are all the "facts" coming from?"
Hm. Funny how this suspicious nature was nowhere to be found when you were interviewing Meshaal or the flotilla fools. Amazing how she won't believe anything bad about a dictator in Syria yet continues to cling to widely discredited myths about Israel and Gaza, such as her claim that it is "an impoverished hellhole" that somehow manages to have a higher standard of living than most Arab states.

It's beginning to look like how easily Narwani believes a piece of information is directly proportional to how much she wants to believe it and the subject which it is about. There's a word for that: ideologue. Also known as: A Huffington Post blogger.

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