Monday, December 5, 2011

Today's Attacks on A HuffPo Blogger

Abraham Foxman wrote an article about Leon Panetta's comments, disagreeing with him that Israel's actions are to blame for worldwide anti-Semitism and also that Israel is not entirely at fault for the worsening of relations with its neighbors. Both of these beliefs are gospel to the Huffington Posters, and rather than arguing with him on the merits a deluge of HuffPost approved anger came flowing into the comments section. Click to zoom in:

See if you can find some similar examples in an MJ Rosenberg or Sharmine Narwani thread.


  1. the only antisemetic person I see here is Foxman

    Who has made his opposition to semites (arabs) quite well known and public. Even going so far as to say that he does not believe they should be allowed to have their own temples in New York

  2. O.K, I listened for an hour. Where did Panetta say "Israel's actions are to blame for worldwide anti-Semitism" or that Israel is "entirely at fault for the worsening of relations with its neighbors."

  3. Wrong link. Apologies.

  4. Oh God, another illiterate who thinks he's a genius. I mean you, Anonymous #1. Do you actually imagine you can pull that sort of ridiculous crap and not get called on it?

    Look up "Wilhelm Marr," genius. He was the Jew-hating German who believed that his hatred needed a new name, so he called it "anti-Semitism." It has nothing to do with Arabs, nor does it have anything to do with "Semites." Only the badly-educated and Jew-haters with their heads where the sun doesn't shine think it does. So which one are you?

  5. Irit needs to look up the word semite

    And no, I am incredibly confident that this non english speaker was not the first person to ever combine the prefix anti with the word semite.

  6. I don't think someone with your lack of knowledge and complete track record for dishonesty needs to be throwing around the words "incredibly confident." That term should be saved for people who have the ability to, you know, do anything right.


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