Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year in Review 2011: HP Bias

For today's year in review post, we have examples of Huffington Post bias. Examples include biased headlines, biased photos, and other editorial decisions. Have a look:

Palestinians vs Afghanis: Who Comes Out Better?

Palestinian Casualties Shown, Israeli Casualties Covered Up

Who is Wafa Al-Bis? (spoiler alert: a terrorist)

Palestinian Terrorist Gets the Picture, Israeli Civilian Gets the Shaft

Grapel vs. Dogan

Arrigoni vs. Viflic

Zionist Terrorists and Winston Churchill

Israelis and Palestinian Casualties as Depicted by the HP

Israel "Loses the Fight" to Move a Palestinian Girl

HP Links to Neo-Nazi Site

1 comment:

  1. So that's it huh?
    Pretty weak

    You really couldn't find anything antisemtic coming from huffington writers themselves, only by annonomous posters. And then the rest of it is just complaining about picture and headline choices.

    Whereas several writers on huffingtonpost have infact advocated violent action against various muslim majority nations, not a single one suggested such a policy regarding Israel.


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