Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Year in Review 2011: HP Bloggers

For today's year in review, we have the worst of the Huffington Post bloggers. Take a look at what the paid contributors and representatives of the Huffington Post have to say about Israel and Jews.

Overview: The Huffington Post's Jewish Problem

Sharmine Narwani accuses Israel of "exterminating" Palestinians

Robert Naiman used token Jews and Jewish values to help Hamas.

MJ Rosenberg stereotypes Jews

Sami Moubayed hoped for another war between Syria and Israel.

Sharmine Narwani warns Jewish Americans not to have Israel affect their vote...or else

Many Huffington Post bloggers strapped on their blinders when Goldstone changed his story.

Mya Guarnieri calls for destruction of Israel

Sharmine Narwani admits her only constant value is anti-Zionism

Clarence Jones allowed himself to be tricked into using Martin Luther King's legacy to help Palestinian terrorists.

Sharmine Narwani defends Holocaust denial

Cenk Uygur "Hates Judaism."

MJ Rosenberg lies about Palestinian prisoners by a factor of 10,000

1 comment:

  1. The thing that most stands out about your summary is that you don't include a single member of the christian right.
    Surely if you were actually interested in antisemitism in america you would at least have some focus on where it is most prominant.

    Most of your time is spent criticizing liberal jews like MJ Rosenberg, who are clearly not an anti-semites by any standard

    And frankly some of your views of the Palestinians come off quite biggoted yourself


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