Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another HuffPo Blogger Uses "Israel Firster" Attack

You may remember the whole scandal about Media Matters and the Center For American Progress being called out about their use of anti-Semitic imagery in their "criticism" of Israel. We covered part of it. What you may not have seen is that even the Center for American Progress has turned around on the term "Israel firster" perhaps realizing that it has its origins in classical Dreyfus era anti-Semitism:
 "The uproar prompted CAP’s Jilani to apologize, saying he hadn’t realized the connotations. CAP’s blog avowed, “We don’t endorse the term ‘Israel firsters’ or demonize the Jewish state on ThinkProgress. Further, there is no anti-Semitic or anti-Israel ‘hate speech’ written anywhere on this blog.”
Fortunately, there is still one place in the mainstream media where calling people "Israel firsters" is still welcomed and encouraged. And that place is the Huffington Post. The virus has spread behind MJ Rosenberg and has no infected Pepe Escobar, a blogger who talks about a variety of topics but almost always in a fact based way. His history didn't stop this bombshell from landing in the middle of his last article though. Emphasis mine:
"“Isolated” Iran has $4 billion in joint projects with Venezuela including, crucially, a bank (as with Ecuador, it has dozens of planned projects from building power plants to, once again, banking). That has led the Israel-first crowd in Washington to vociferously demand that sanctions be slapped on Venezuela.  Only problem: how would the U.S. pay for its crucial Venezuelan oil imports then?"
Yep. That's it. Just sitting out there. Who is this "crowd?" Are they Republicans? Democrats? Are they AIPAC? Are they Jews? And how does the fact that they want to sanction Venezuela make them "Israel firsters?" But don't think too long about it, because Mr. Escobar is off on another tangent and another subject, having done his part to contribute to low level "politically correct" anti-Semitism.

Perhaps another blogger could take a look at the article as a whole, because it's all more or less fawning over how awesome Iran is, including this gem:
"Besides, even the Iranian opposition supports a peaceful nuclear program.  It’s a matter of national pride."
But I'll just leave it as a very very typical Huffington Post "opinion" article.


  1. As a left wing Zionist, I will have to see for myself if Think Progress has changed its stripes. I have avoided them as well as other sites primarily because they can not seem to grasp the nastiness of Israel-first or even the Israel Lobby. Both are sick connotations.

    I will be more interested if the sensitivity regarding the writings on their blog extend to their comments section. That is where the real anti-Semitism lurks, disguised as 1st Amendment speech and criticism of Israel. Bullshit. Those who give reasons behind the Fogel family massacre, for example (I'm looking at you, LA Times), are doing it for one purpose: to excuse any violence directed against the Jewish state.

  2. It is actually these people putting Israel first, first on the list of sacrifices to terrorists. No Israel to protect
    against threats, US will be second.

  3. As if the far left doesn't put Stalinism, Islamism, communism and terrorism first?


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