Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Inconvenient Truth Buried by the Huffington Post

Last week as you may remember the Mufti of Jerusalem called for the killing of Jews. More specifically he quoted the hadith about Jews hiding behind rocks and trees. Do you remember that from the Hamas Charter? Anyway he is now under investigation by the Israeli police. 

The Huffington Post, of course, stayed as far away from the story as possible. But not even they could stop Ed Koch from writing a blog post about it. Here is a brief selection:
Will there be a Times editorial denouncing the mufti's conduct? I haven't seen any denunciatory releases from the J Street crowd in D.C. which constantly berates Israel for not being more forthcoming with concessions to the Palestinians. Will Times' columnists Tom Friedman and Nicholas Kristof, who often criticize the Israeli government, denounce the Palestinian leadership for not removing this cleric? Muslim terrorists don't simply murder Jews; they also murder Christians and have done so recently in Iraq and Egypt. The Coptic Christians today 10 percent of the Egyptian population are in great danger and fear. Their churches have been desecrated and destroyed. They have been assaulted and murdered.
"Imagine what the outcry worldwide would have been had either of the two chief rabbis of Israel made a comparable call to kill Muslims. You know and I know there would have been U.N. Assembly and Security Council Resolutions denouncing Israel, not only calling for the removal of the chief rabbi, but sanctions against the state itself."
Now this puts the Huffington Post editors in a tough position. You see, they don't want this news to be getting out. So what should they do?

Well, for starters, they put the story in the New York section. Even though the story has nothing at all to do with New York except that Ed Koch wrote it. Then they proceeded to keep it out of the World and Religion sections, and put it only in "Hamas" and "Israel," sections which are not read by most users. (I guess they needed room for MJ Rosenberg's latest) Go and take a look at the article keywords if you do not believe me.

This now leaves one to wonder: What other important news stories has the Huffington Post buried so deep that no one will see it?

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  1. Sounds pretty similar to the kind of stuff the chief rabbi of israel says
    Like for instance here where he calls for a total ethnic cleansing of palestinians from Gaza.

    And again, from an American policy point of view, we are not supporting the bad actions of the palestnians. We are supporting the bad actions of the israelis, which is why it deserves more criticism inside the US


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