Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another Lesson In Contrasts

Want to hear some of today's important news stories from Israel?

The Mufti of Jerusalem is being investigated for incitement to violence.

Netanyahu made a speech in the United Nations accosting Iran (again).

Hamas leader Khalid Meshaal is visiting Jordan.

And top EU diplomat Catherine Ashton is visiting there to try and restart peace talks.

Now guess which story the Huffington Post chose to cover:

The woman is question was attacked by stone throwing ultra-Orthodox. She suffered minor injuries and her car was damaged. Now this is informative on a couple of levels. First of all, despite the whining of the anti-Zionists, if the attackers had been Arab the story never would have made it to the Huffington Posters. Here is the proof. Secondly, this is the story that Huffington Post chooses to focus on? Ah, but of course. It has the magic words "Jewish extremists" in the headline.

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