Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Anti-Jewish Comment of the Day

Just in case you thought that the Huffington Post only published mere "anti-Zionist" commentary:

I especially like how Muslims only ever get "aggravated" in comparison to Jews when it comes to blasphemy.

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  1. His point is accurate though, isn't it?

    Browse the threads (I thought that was your speciality?) and acknowledge that extreme insults of Islam from pro-Israelis are common, uncensored and frequently "faved" whereas insults to Jews are almost invariably leapt on and (rightly) condemned.

    Dual standard?

  2. I'm sure you've got some screen shots to show, Anonymous poster.

    Here's something you might want to know about anti-Semitism. If the poster is going to use canards and vitriolic hubris to make a point about their so-called "objective perspective" regarding the Middle East, and furthermore insist that it's all Israel's fault, then that poster is allowed to be called an anti-Semite.

    Funny how there's the 1st Amendment to discuss when crying about Israel, but never to defend the calling out of anonymous trolls as anti-Semites.

    Double standard?

  3. Also, Anonymous, just look at the first sentence of this remark. Do you honestly believe that Jews threaten anyone who disagrees with them "on religious issues?" Is the media afraid of broadcasting an anti-Jewish cartoon in fears of Jewish rioters or death threats? How on earth is that statement accurate?

    Now as for your comment, the way it is phrased is very interesting. You talk about "extreme insults of Islam," as in Islam the religion. But Matt and I do not and have never cared about insults toward religions, any religions. There are Huffington Posters by the hundreds who routinely call all religions stupid and superstitious. I don't find that insulting and neither should you. Religions are just concepts, they don't have feelings to hurt.

    What we care about is insults towards PEOPLE. If you would like to back up your point with actual facts instead of whining about nonexistent double standards, go for it. Put your money where your mouth is.

  4. Hi Quentin Baggg! Missed the observations that only you can deliver with just the right amount of brain-dead arrogance. And, 0/28.

  5. OIn HuffPo you don't get deleted for demanding a new holocaust, you get deleted for criticizing an author for not demanding it. It's a subtle difference but it's real. For example you can successfully print "Exterminate all the Jews", but if you spin that as "I'm glad we agree the Jews should be exterminated" THAT they object to.


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