Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anti-Jewish Comments of the Day

Having blown their dog whistle on the Andrew Adler threat, blatantly anti-Jewish comments are popping up all over the Huffington Post. Clearly it is the moderator's day off as most of these have been up for hours at a time. Comments that would not look out of place on websites like Stormfront and Veteran's Today:

The original link.

The original link. Be sure to check out the responses to it as well.

Finally, note the first sentence and the number of favorites.

The original link.

Just when I think anti-Semitism on the Huffington Post can't become more blatant, someone always turns around and surprises me.

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  1. You have to look at the broader picture. Today for instance there's a column on how American Jews are profoundly evil because of some odd assertion that they suppress Jewish women from participating in public America.

    There's another column about how the evil Jews are worse than racist slave holders in Israel because of a protest by Ethopian Israelis recently.

    Then there's the long running diatribe about Shmuley Boteach's book which has more or less devolved into an official posture at HuffPo that Jews should at the least all convert to Christianity and embrace Jesus as their savior. Related to this is the front page column on how Jews must embrace Tim Tebow and his evangelical Christianity.

    And of course the endless dribble of 'rabbis' down the left side of the page about the evil Jews who have an opinion about homosexuality, Jewish identity, the horrible evil racist Frum, and so on.


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