Thursday, January 5, 2012

Anti-Semitic Conversation of the Day

The Huffington Post covered a story about a UC Berkeley lawsuit that was dismissed, in relation to a Jewish student being assaulted by a Muslim student during an "Israel Apartheid Week" protest. This came complete with a biased headline:

But if you actually read the article, you will see that there wasn't anything it about "anti-Semitism," only that the SJP was intimidating Jewish students as well as others and the university was letting them do it. There may have been other sections of the lawsuit that used the term, but it didn't appear on the Huffington Post.

Don't worry though, there was plenty of anti-Semitism to be found below the line, as users dropped their masquerading of being "merely anti-Zionist." This is the Huffington Post after all:

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  1. Ah...the pathos. Think she confused with the likes of
    Israeli and Palestinian Homes Demolished since Sept. 29, 2000

    Homes Demolished in Israel and Palestine 0 Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians and 24,813 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since 1967.

  2. There's bound to be pushback when any group claims some kind of unique level of suffering.

    Especially when it didn't actually happen to them, but instead to their parents and grandparents.

    Sow when you take a term like holocaust which has been around for a long time and try to define it narrowly as only the ethnic cleansing of one specific group, now called "the holocaust" there is going to be pushback

    People also find it a bit ridiculous to claim that the jewish religion has seen more oppression than other groups in history. This is just statistically false.. The jewish religion is literally one of the oldest surviving religiosn. Every other religious group this old has long been exterminated and forced to convert and give up their social practices. You don't see any Midianites any more.

  3. Do you actually imagine that quoting "if americans knew" proves anything but that you are a racist and a bigot? You might as well quote from stormfront, they are all anti-Semitic thugs and racists.

  4. @Irit, so true.

    Bad enough they quote all the anti-Israel sites on HP, but to come here and do it is, well, simply laughable.

  5. Oh dear Anonymous didn’t read the article either.

    BTW is anyone proof reading at huffpo? What a mess.
    “While the university has previously disciplined the some of the event's participants and even had Husam Zakharia, the student who hit Felber with the shopping cart, arrested in connection with the incident, Felber (who graduated last year) has accused university President Mark Yudof, who is Jewish, of allowing an anti-Semitic environment to flourish on campus.”


  6. I think that the previous poster is one individual--that's actually my hope, because it would be depressing as hell if there were multiple posters who are all that stupid--so I want to congratulate him/her/whatever on a Joe DiMaggio-level streak of postings that are completely devoid of merit. The current tally stands at something like 0-for-24 posts (I haven't done a full accounting) and I will post updates to this truly remarkable run of utter uselessness as I see fit.


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