Thursday, January 5, 2012

Danielle Jefferis' Misplaced Concern

Danielle C. Jefferis is a law student at Georgetown but more importantly is a part-time Palestinian propagandist, thus proving that it doesn't matter how unqualified you are to write for a major newspaper, as long as you hate Israel the Huffington Post is glad to have you. Danielle has written three articles so far, two of which are anti-Israel hit pieces, the other being the infamous "Freedom Rider" liefest. 

Her latest article is about Palestinian statelessness. Yep. The fact that the Palestinians don't have a state is probably not news to anyone who has been reading the news for the past few years (or even decades) but according to Danielle being stateless is a huge problem:
"As stateless persons, they wake up bearing the status of the most vulnerable -- the rightless."
"They" of course being the Palestinians, the chosen victims. All the other stateless peoples like the Tibetans, Kurds, Roma and Bidoon are expected just to deal with it. The same way they have to deal with not having their own refugee agency and multimillion dollar PR machine. I would expect someone as supposedly well educated as Danielle to know that the Palestinians are not the only stateless people on this planet, but I guess she either isn't aware about anyone else, or doesn't care about anyone else. Hey being a Roma advocate doesn't get you a job on the Huffington Post, or many other places unfortunately.

Leaving aside the whole question of East Jerusalem vs "undivided Jerusalem" and whether or not it is occupied, there are many inaccuracies in Danielle's column. Let's take a look:
"Most Palestinian Jerusalemites, despite having been born in the city, do not possess citizenship rights. Rather, they are trapped in a fine limbo between permanent residency...While permanent residents are permitted to pursue Israeli citizenship through naturalization, the Israeli Minister of Interior ultimately holds complete discretion."
Further down the column she repeats herself:
"The situation in Jerusalem is especially dire because those most vulnerable to statelessness have never actually enjoyed full legal bond to a state -- citizenship." 
Already I am confused with the point that she is trying to make. We already know that she doesn't care about any stateless people who don't hold the vaunted title of "Palestinian," but now apparently she also doesn't care about any Palestinians who don't live in Jerusalem! It's one thing to focus on one particular problem, but she doesn't seem to be aware that there are Palestinians who live elsewhere who also don't have citizenship because they aren't living in a state or because their Arab neighbors won't let them be citizens of the countries where they are born. Oh wait, that would involve criticizing someone other than Israel. Never mind.

If Danielle had actually researched the situation of the Arabs living in Jerusalem, she might have found that they are the opposite of "trapped." Israel has offered them citizenship many times, but every time they have refused it because it would mean "collaboration." This is very common knowledge, and it has been happening for decades. And it goes without saying how many times the Palestinian leadership has rejected offers made to form a Palestinian state in favor of still more demands. She even admits that they can apply for Israeli citizenship if they want to! So how does that lead to the Palestinians live in Jerusalem being "trapped?" Trapped by their own intransigence and stupidity, maybe. But not by Israel or anyone else. It becomes more and more clear that Danielle just has her ideology: that Palestinians are helpless victims. No amount of reality will shake that conviction.

She then returns to the old and tired "ethnic cleansing" accusation, that Israel is trying to push the Arabs out when they stop the Arabs from illegally building. It was debunked a long time ago, and that's even if you ignore the steadily increasing Arab population of Jerusalem. She then cites some international laws without explaining how they apply (again, nothing new) and then she returns to her earlier talking point:
"When you deny a population the opportunity to participate, Clinton remarked, you deny them the opportunity to contribute."
I honestly don't know how many more offers the Palestinians need to reject before people like Danielle wake the hell up and acknowledge what is right in front of their face. There is very little on this earth that the Palestinians have been "denied," except of course the opportunity to murder Jews. There are people in Africa and Asia who only wish that they had the opportunities that Palestinians have, not that the Palestinians have ever shown any kind of appreciation for it. All they do is demand more and play the victims, and I guess people like Danielle are more than happy to agree with whatever they say. How disappointing.


  1. So in other words you oppose recognizing the state of Palestine?

    And you don't seem to dispute the fact that most of the people born in jerusalem are not allowed to vote in Israeli elections while at the same time the israeli government does not recognize palestine as an independent state

  2. The United States does not allow foreigners who are not citizens of this nation to vote either. But you expect the Israelis to permit illegal squatters to vote in their elections? Pull the other one.

  3. The WB pals are stateless because Jordan revoked their citizenship.



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