Thursday, January 26, 2012

For the Third Time, the Huffington Post Singles Out Jews

For the third time in as many days, the Huffington Post editorial staff saw an opportunity to generate some quick traffic with singling out the Jews, and they have done it again. When you clicked on the "Religion" section of the Huffington Post yesterday, what did you find? This:

Yes. You're reading that correctly. In the 21st century world, 90% of Yemeni women are being harassed on the streets despite their wearing burkas, rape in Sweden is skyrocketing, human trafficking affects millions of women ever year, and not to mention all the common oppression and harassment women suffer throughout the Muslim world. But despite all of that, it is the Jews that the Huffington Post focuses on for criticism.

Okay, maybe that's not entirely a fair assessment. After all, the Huffington Post is an American-based paper so maybe it is criticizing Jews in America. That's normal, right? It is very typical for newspapers to criticize Americans and not foreigners because we hold our fellow Americans to higher standards.

Oh wait, no. It's about Jews in Israel too. And what does Jane Eisner have to say? Here is the gist of the article:
"Too often, women absent themselves from the discussion. At a recent breakfast hosted by the Israel Policy Forum (with a woman moderator and an all-male panel of experts) not a single woman in the audience asked a question. A brief survey conducted at the Forward in the fall of 2010 found that men sent in unsolicited opinion pieces at a rate seven times higher than women."
It is mostly examples like that. Women not being on panels. Women not being honored at brunches. This is somehow more of a problem than honor killings. And in Israel, despite the fact that women are better represented on the Supreme Court and Knesset than in America, an anecdote is all Ms. Eisner requires to condemn them. To hear it from the article, Jewish women are completely marginalized and have no voice. Don't believe me? Read Ms. Eisner for yourself:
"Clearly, the Jewish community is not having the discussion it needs and deserves. It can't, when half the population is silenced or silencing itself. "
Really? Really? I haven't been involved with the Jewish community for a long time but most of the prominent people that I knew there were women. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I approve of any inequality within the Jewish community along gender lines. What I am less impressed with is the slavering of the Huffington Post to air that dirty laundry and give it a 20 point headline. If the Huffington Post is going to do that, one would think it would do so to all religions equally. But apparently not.

And in case you were wondering, this article did indeed bring out the "mere anti-Zionists."

If the Huffington Post editors were looking to stir up hatred, they succeeded admirably. If not, I'd like to hear their thought process behind it.

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    It’s the Arabs and the Left that don’t care about Palestinian children.

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