Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Harris on Christians (Part 2): Denial Rules the Day

Token pro-Israel blogger David Harris has written another awesome article about Christians at risk. I highly recommend reading it before continuing with this blog post. Note that the article has nothing to do with Israel, Israel is not mentioned (but Palestinians are).

The reaction of the Israel haters on the Huffington Post was, unsurprisingly, to deny everything and change the subject. Check out these responses to the article:

As usual, so called "human rights activists" could care less about suffering Christians if their suffering is not caused by Israel. Seems like an obsession to me.


  1. "Note that the article has nothing to do with Israel, Israel is not mentioned (but Palestinians are)"

    The article has everything to do with Israel. Its about christian Palestinians and the forces oppessing them

    When huffpost gets a knwon racist author to right an article on the subject that completely leaves out the main oprressive force towards the christian palestinians you are bound to see comments pointing that out

  2. The Arabs of Israel, Gaza, and Judea and Samaria have only benefited from their experiences with the Israelis. We have improved their longevity, provided them with schools, clean water, improved agricultural practices, shown them civilization, etc. And how do they show their gratitude? By slicing the heads off three-month-old babies. Such heroes.

    As for racists, pal, look in the mirror. There will be an ugly one looking back at you.

  3. It's always truly heartwarming to see the level of undiguised religious hatred that will be defended by the worst the HP has to offer, as long as the hatred is directed at Christians or Jews and not at Muslims (even from other Muslims). And anyone who wants to defend the treatment of Christians by Hamas is welcome to make an uninformed ass of themselves. It's a free country.


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