Wednesday, January 11, 2012

HP Bias: Delayed News

We've got a subtle case of Huffington Post bias for you today, in a new segment I like to call "delayed news." I hope you all remember the Huffington Post's coverage of a PA official saying something anti-Semitic (aka telling the truth about the PA's intentions). Basically, the PA ambassador to the US admitted that the PA didn't want any Jews in the future state of Palestine but then a few days later "clarified" his remarks. Naturally, the Huffington Post didn't cover the initial statement, only posting a story about it after the ambassador changed his remarks. How can anyone expect the HP to actually cover the news when it could wait and either never publish the story or publish the story after the PA does some damage control?

Well, the HP's "delayed news" happened again.

You would think that simply reporting the news that a crowd of Tunisians chanted anti-Semitic chants during a rally for Hamas would be enough for any news outlet. But why simply publish the news if there's a chance of making Arabs or Islamists look bad? Better to wait for the Islamist response and only then cover it.

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