Friday, January 6, 2012

HP Bias: HP Buries Olmert Corruption Verdict

Arriving at the Huffington Post World section today, I was surprised to see how exactly the HP covered the latest news of former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert's indictment on corruption charges. The fact that the HP covered the story at all is somewhat surprising, on the one hand it makes an Israeli leader look bad (and therefore the whole country) but on the other hand it makes the whole country look good because the article shows Israel holds its leaders accountable (unlike many others). Let's take a look at where the HP published the article.

First: the Israel section.

Hmm, nope, no sign of it there. How about the World section:

There it is! If you click on the Olmert article and look at the tags, you'll notice that it is not posted in any other location on the HP besides World news.

But the bias doesn't end there. Look at the article right above the Olmert article, about a Mexican prison fight. Check out when that article was posted:

This article was posted at 1/4/12 at 10:38 PM. When was the Olmert article posted:

1/5/12 7:41 AM, a good 8 hours after the prison fight article. Ditto with the overloaded bus story, published at 1/4/12 10:32 PM and  Europe banning Iranian oil, last updated 1/4/12 1:45 PM. All three of those stories were published earlier than the Olmert story, but received higher billing in the World section.

Another example of HP bias, as the HP publishes news that makes Israel look somewhat good, but then attempts to bury it in the hopes no one will read it.

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