Tuesday, January 10, 2012

HP Headline Bias: Lieberman and the Arabs

If there is one thing everyone on the HP knows about Israeli FM Lieberman, it's that he's a racist and everything he says is racist. That's why, when he spoke yesterday about his vision for a peace plan, the Huffington Post spun it in multiple directions. First the external headline:

And then once you click on the article itself:

The headlines make it seem like Lieberman is out to get the Arab citizens of Israel and trying to force them out, rather than (the far more reasonable phrasing of) being in favor of redrawing the border so that some Arab communities that are in Israel would be in the future state of Palestine (which you would think the Arab communities would be in favor of, since Israel is such a racist place).

But hey, why present a peace plan in full context in a way that makes it seem reasonable when you could spin it to sound super racist and discriminatory?

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