Thursday, January 26, 2012

HPW User Profile: Alpi57

Update: This user has been banned.

Alpi57 is an anti-Zionist of the old school kind: Insults people with practically every comment that he makes, pretends to be a "critic of Israel's policies" when he isn't declaring it to be an illegal state that should be "irradiated," pretends to not hate Jews when he isn't engaging in active Jew baiting, and is a fan of all sorts of conspiracy theories including those about 9/11. He came to our attention in the Andrew Adler thread when he attempted to use faux patriotism to accuse everyone he disagreed with of treason. With more than 2,000 comments we didn't look at all of them but the ones that we found should tell you where he stands. He has been active since July of 2010 and has around 280 fans.

Link: ““American Jews......­I am tired of these dual citizens who think that they can walk all over their president and this countries' interest as long as it protects Israel. For them and anyone in this country, cheering for a foreign head of state addressing our congress, against our interest, is an absolute disgrace. That is why I don't consider these people Americans. 
As you can see in the video there is no doubt where their allegiance lies. Time to choose a country and remain loyal to it because we simply cannot afford to have these people and their ideals in our mix. Not anymore.”

Link: "Children of Isaac never change. They always want more." [Received five favorites.]

Link: "5000 years of money lending does have its advantages. I give you that.”

Link: “We all who the real threat is in the ME and this threat needs to be irradiated­.” [Responses: “Thank You” and “Applause.”]

Link: “They are the chosen people, don't you know.”

Link: “Is that what assassinat­e means in yiddish...­ cuddle?”

Link: ““If there was any doubt about who runs the media, this should put it to rest.”

Link: “It is time to pay attention to the Jewish threat, amply demonstrat­ed by this article. You have a problem with that, concerned American?”

Link: ““If the newspapers devoted themselves to such a thing, we might know the truth.
But we surely can't have that, can we now?”

Link: “Only when this group tries to excuse it away and treat it as something mundane and unimportan­t.
The group has a chance to show that they are Americans first and anything else second, and furthermor­e, that another country's interest will never supersede this one.
So, how about it?”

Link: “Since most of you don't seem to have those loyalties other than using this country to ensure survival of another, then I say your loyalties are very much in question.”

Link: “Your President'­s life has been threatened­. What are you doing about it other than trying to protect your religion?”

Link: “Interestin­g stuff

Link: ““Nothing at all. It would just place them [Jews] in a box so we know who we are dealing with, and for people to understand that zionism and preservati­on of Israel is more important to these "citizens" than protecting their own president.”

Link: ““Thanks Larry for your frank assessment­. It is appreciate­d. But I don't think anybody is deliberate­ly targeting Jews in their comments. I for one have tried very hard to make a distinctio­n between Jews and Israel in my comments.”

Link: ““Like I said. ADL Canines are on the loose again.

Link: ““I can see that the ADL dogs are trying to poison the well here. Too late. Your time is up.”

Link: ““I am beyond over the top. It is time to get outraged and filter out this insidious element from our society and our political scene.”

Link: “Read and­is is what happens when these so-called citizen exercise a political bigamy. The term that Dr. Sabrosky has coined, describes these "citizens" perfectly. It is unbelievab­le that we have such evil minds among us.

Link: ““Your bullets painted with anti-S, holocaust and Neo-Nazi are no match for our Lie-proof vests. They will not penetrate.
People are on to you guys and your lies.”

Link: ““I am not holding my breath. Yet another Jew Getting away with yet another crime.”

Link: ““Great. A Zionist Jew is saying that bad behavior is ok, as long as it is against the Muslims. Then she wonders why the jews are so loathed in the Muslim world.” [Context might help]

Link: ““This is what happens when a so-called liberating army loses its moral compass and becomes a rogue terror group.” [The US military is a “rogue terror group.”]

Link: “Pure and unadultera­ted terrorism. These people have no shame. They think terrorism only applies to others but when it comes to them it is covered under the cowardly banner of victimhood and "never again".
Shame on Israel. A rogue state at best.”

Link: “Better yet, her handlers in Mossad. A Jew, Moldovan..­....ring a bell?”

Link: “Israel is a rogue country and it's time is up. Enjoy it while it lasts.”

Link: “The fact that you are Pro-Israel despite their pathetic policies toward humanity and extorting countries and people around the world with their anti-semit­ism victimhood weapon, speaks volumes about how much weight your opinion really carries.
You are being presumptuo­us that I speak for you or am remotely addressing you, in particular­. Rather narcissist­ic. You give yourself way too much credit.
Israel IS a cancer in our political scene. Why is it that we don't have to satisfy the Chinese lobby, who hold 25% of our debt, or the Arab lobby who supply us with oil, or we don't kiss up to British who still rule from behind the curtain?”

Link: “He was "Occupying Jerusalem" and look what he got.” [Context]

Link: “Free Palestine from Neo-Nazi thugs.”

Link: “Your bigotry disguised under patriotism is simply astounding­. You are part of the problem. Wake up and see what Iran looks like. Just go to utube. Your comments are embarrassi­ng.”

Link: “Israel is a rogue and terrorist state that has become a thorn in the world's tokhus. It is time to get this thorn out.”

Link: “The whole country is a myth. A mirage than will soon be washed away with the wind.”

Link: “Implosion is the only answer to this illegal activity. Civil war would be even better.”

Link: “"911 victims of Arab terror". The book is not closed on that one. You may say the Israeli babies were the victim of Israeli IDF.”

Link: “The only difference between the Palestinia­ns and the Zionists in 1947 was that the Jews had a Rothschild in their corner. But that does not legitimize a country. It only means that with money anything can be bought, even a faux country, albeit a terrorist state.
Get out of Palestine.”

Link: “You are so original. No one will ever accuse you of plagiarism­. Israel is a terrorist nation and will get what it deserves very soon.”

Link: “Israel is a rogue state and is in its last breaths. So enjoy the "good shootings"­. They will be reversed very soon.”

Link: ““Ileana Ros Trader. This Israel stooge nees to be voted of office. It will solve both the Cuban problem and take away Israel lobby.”

Link: “What's ignorant is using Holocaust at every turn to advance sionist agenda.”

Link: “Bravo. In fact, in these forums, anti-semit­ism is a badge of honor. It only means you are not afraid of calling them on their tyrannical government and agenda. Wear it with pride.”

Link: “What I hate is Cubans coming here and pretending to be Americans when in reality they have no allegiance to this country. In fact, you people are the one hating America, otherwise you would work hard to normalize relationsh­ips as oppose to perpetuati­ng a self-defea­ting policy that has no hope of getting your lands and homes back.”

I think that’s that.


  1. OT, virtually all of the comments to today's piece on Newt's SuperPAC are straight out of David Duke:

  2. I helped HP show this dirtbag the exit door.


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