Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Huffington Post, Simplified

I think this one comment, more than anything else, sums up the way that the typical Huffington Poster thinks, a way that puts it more clearly than any commentary I could ever make upon it:

Indeed. You see, Iranians, even though they have hundreds of universities and are capable of mastering nuclear power, are still very very dumb. How dumb are they? They aren't capable of mastering what words mean, even in their own language of Farsi. So when they say something, they don't really mean what they are saying, because they are too dumb to know what "Death" means. But fortunately, we have Huffington Posters like jabidi here to translate for the Iranians, and explain what the Iranians really mean. Because if the Iranians were smarter, they would just say what they thought and wouldn't need interpretation.

This is how the people on the Huffington Post think.

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