Monday, January 9, 2012

HuffPost Milks Haredi Cow

This was the headline on the Huffington Posts' "World" section earlier today:

You will see on the side there is a bit that declares "HuffPost exclusive!" So let's see what is so exclusive about it:

Okay, so we got a rehash of news, Naama, the concentration camp costumes, etc. Then a female soldier getting into an argument with some Haredim who wanted her to sit in the back of the bus. Then a couple were arrested for comparing Israel to Nazi Germany...all of these linked to from other news sources by the way.

Then there's something about the birthrates and demographics of Haredi. Their political activity and how they are able to gain power in the Knesset...their intolerance of the image of women...their tendency to not work or serve in the army, yet still exist on welfare. They link to an interview...

So yeah, at the end of the idea there's nothing (a) new or (b) exclusive in the article. I guess the Huffington Post editors thought to themselves, "hey, ultra-Orthodox Jews! They get our readership's blood boiling, so let's give them top billing!"

One can only imagine what the comments will lead to.

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